Articles in tag "Programming"

2023.02.04: Building abstractions using higher-order functions
2022.03.19: Why coding interviews aren't all that bad
2022.02.05: Building binary trees from inorder-depth lists
2022.01.22: Asimov, programming and the meta ladder
2019.09.03: RSA - theory and implementation
2019.05.07: To ORM or not to ORM
2018.12.05: Type erasure and reification
2018.11.14: Type inference
2018.11.12: Unification
2018.10.17: Covariance and contravariance in subtyping
2018.10.01: Partial and Total Orders
2018.08.08: On the uses and misuses of panics in Go
2017.12.05: Book review: "Programming in Haskell" by Graham Hutton (2nd ed.)
2017.08.16: Right and left folds, primitive recursion patterns in Python and Haskell
2017.08.04: Clojure - the perfect language to expand your brain?
2017.07.20: Book review: "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" by Michael C. Feathers
2017.06.23: Clojure concurrency and blocking with core.async
2017.06.07: Reducers, transducers and core.async in Clojure
2017.05.08: Book review: "Essentials of Programming Languages" by D. Friedman and M. Wand
2017.01.13: Benefits of dependencies in software projects as a function of effort
2016.05.05: On the Composite and Interpreter design patterns
2015.10.16: Directed graph traversal, orderings and applications to data-flow analysis
2015.09.26: Memory layout of multi-dimensional arrays
2015.01.28: Review of the Coursera Machine Learning course
2015.01.09: Another look at my programming language arsenal
2014.06.08: Moving to Github - one year recap
2013.08.14: Fixing tests by writing more tests
2013.06.09: Switching my open-source projects from Bitbucket to Github
2013.02.06: Why I may not be able to help you
2013.01.05: Understanding your own code
2012.11.14: Some notes on POSIX regular expressions
2012.11.10: Native Client vs. ActiveX
2012.05.08: Coursera/Stanford online algorithms I course - a retrospective
2012.03.04: Some thoughts on JSON vs. S-expressions
2011.10.28: An observation on writing line-processing loop code
2011.10.04: What TDD means to me
2011.09.29: An interesting tree serialization algorithm from DWARF
2011.08.02: Length-prefix framing for protocol buffers
2011.02.07: How debuggers work: Part 3 - Debugging information
2011.01.28: On spaces in the paths of programs and files on Windows
2011.01.27: How debuggers work: Part 2 - Breakpoints
2011.01.23: How debuggers work: Part 1 - Basics
2010.10.31: pycparser now supports C99
2010.05.28: The intuition behind Fisher-Yates shuffling
2010.05.22: Migrating my personal projects to Mercurial
2010.05.14: scons instead of make
2010.04.10: pycparser v1.06 released
2009.11.30: Book review: "The Practice of Programming" by Kernighan & Pike
2009.10.24: Nanocentury
2009.06.29: Inspiring talk on programming by Damien Katz
2009.05.08: Using GPL-ed code for in-house software
2008.12.06: Book review: "Beginning game development with Python and Pygame" by Will McGugan
2008.11.22: JSON is YAML, but YAML is not JSON
2008.10.10: Writing tests first
2008.09.15: - what the online programming community needs ?
2008.08.29: Space-efficient list rotation
2008.08.21: Robust exception handling
2008.05.31: Nostalgia: my first programs
2007.12.06: The "automatically generating code from specs" fallacy
2007.10.10: Lisp on one hand, Ada on the other
2007.09.01: "Progamming language choice and calibre of programmer"
2007.08.08: Windows automation with AutoHotKey
2007.07.27: DSL = Metalinguistic Abstraction
2007.07.27: Bison looking for bison.simple on Windows
2007.07.17: Firebug and HTML analysis
2007.07.14: More about my RentACoder experiment
2007.06.29: The end of the road for ESMS
2007.06.15: hacking log
2007.04.21: Doing some work at RentACoder
2007.04.13: Unicode and character sets
2007.04.08: Sudoku as a SAT problem
2006.12.02: Programming language typing - a big mishmash
2006.11.25: A taxonomy of typing systems
2006.11.23: Fearing the "second system effect" in my rewrite of ESMS
2006.11.18: null-modem, physical and virtual COM ports
2006.08.11: My current programming language arsenal
2006.05.17: Creeping featurism
2006.04.13: Choosing an open-source license for my code
2006.04.07: Non-blocking socket access on Windows
2006.03.28: XML or YAML for configuration files
2006.03.19: Blogger, Atom and HTTP clients
2006.03.16: Book review: "Test driven development by example", Kent Beck
2006.02.07: sloppy code, SourceForge CVS, memory manager
2006.01.20: writing specs
2005.12.23: some regex "best practices"
2005.11.22: when bit endianness matters
2005.11.18: understanding web programming & design with PHP / XML / XSLT
2005.09.05: continuous improvment, or "my old code sucks"
2005.08.19: an acquaintance with COM
2005.07.15: Qt guidelenes for API design
2005.07.10: more XML: XPath, XSLT
2005.07.08: some thoughts on XML (XmlWriter and DOM)
2005.06.29: some crypto work
2005.06.12: lessons from PAIP
2005.04.26: smoke tests
2005.03.29: application of combinations
2005.03.04: splitting MP3 files
2005.02.23: interesting problem: buffered text view widget
2005.02.22: M$ patent claim on IsNot
2005.02.11: Joel's 12 steps for better code
2005.02.03: refactoring
2005.02.01: true cross-platform compatibility of Qt
2005.01.25: "Stone soup" or guerilla prototypes
2005.01.22: paradigm shift - parallel computing ?
2005.01.18: using a cache to speed-up code
2005.01.14: more on Qt and on coding frenzies
2005.01.09: Book review: "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3"
2005.01.02: Qt - first impressions
2004.12.21: motif - a painful experience
2004.12.12: threads, serial ports, kernel, emacs and other vegetables
2004.12.03: AI-ish attempt at teamsheet picking
2004.11.18: more on P::RD and Scite scripting
2004.11.12: tools for single-person development
2004.10.15: different coding approaches
2004.10.06: random names generator
2004.09.27: Accessible GUI development - call for ideas
2004.09.23: bugless coding style
2004.09.15: BlooP
2004.09.03: zone
2004.08.05: what's up with the factorial ?
2004.07.30: a cool algorithm for counting ones in a bitstring
2004.07.09: parallel programming
2004.05.25: Solving problem 1131
2004.05.25: 1136 solved
2004.05.25: more thoughts on previous problem
2004.05.25: BST - postorder, reversed postorder
2004.05.21: ACM programming problems solving
2004.05.11: is "meta programming" the answer ?
2004.04.21: a problem, two tricks - almost a solution
2004.03.17: communication with a serial port
2004.03.15: programming geek - EE geek
2004.03.12: conversion tools that don't scale
2004.03.08: my articles published at GameDev
2004.03.03: solution to yesterday's problem
2004.02.10: using Perl and VB to make windows development easier
2004.01.23: deep signal comparison, memoization
2004.01.15: lotsa code
2004.01.09: thoughts on offshoring
2003.12.30: source control
2003.12.29: Book review: "Refactoring" by Martin Fowler
2003.12.25: design problem
2003.12.19: parser hacking
2003.11.30: endian-ness of bits and bytes
2003.11.05: rolling your own
2003.10.27: beautiful
2003.10.19: enlightment - I'm not alone !
2003.10.09: Ada and VHDL
2003.10.08: Ada hacking
2003.10.07: dfa minimization + log
2003.10.03: NFA, cpp
2003.09.03: type system
2003.08.06: features features features
2003.07.30: full fledged open-source project
2003.07.29: great compilers tutorial
2003.07.27: Tk annoyance
2003.07.04: interesting problem (binary representation of big numbers)
2003.06.20: Ruminations on chapter 17 of "Code Complete"
2003.06.19: Duff's Device
2003.06.19: Levels of abstraction...
2003.05.26: Safari, Perl & Matrix
2003.05.22: Ruminations on chapter 16 of "Code Complete"
2003.05.20: some pondering on design of MIX in Perl
2003.05.19: MIX in Perl
2003.05.13: playing around with Jeeves
2003.05.09: Coding in C++, wishing it were Lisp (or Perl)
2003.05.06: Some quotes from Paul Graham's latest article