Articles in tag "C & C++"

2023.06.03: Plugins case study: Envoy WASM extensions
2019.11.23: "Beating" C with 400 lines of unoptimized assembly
2019.07.22: Faster XML stream processing in Go
2019.07.15: Passing callbacks and pointers to Cgo
2018.12.05: Type erasure and reification
2018.10.17: Covariance and contravariance in subtyping
2018.09.04: Measuring context switching and memory overheads for Linux threads
2018.08.01: Launching Linux threads and processes with clone
2018.07.13: Basics of Futexes
2017.12.07: Concurrent Servers: Part 5 - Redis case study
2017.11.09: Concurrent Servers: Part 4 - libuv
2017.10.06: Concurrent Servers: Part 3 - Event-driven
2017.10.04: Concurrent Servers: Part 2 - Threads
2017.10.02: Concurrent Servers: Part 1 - Introduction
2016.12.06: Basics of using the readline library
2016.05.12: The Expression Problem and its solutions
2016.05.05: On the Composite and Interpreter design patterns
2016.04.19: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch
2016.03.12: gRPC sample in C++ and Python
2016.03.04: Returning multiple values from functions in C++
2016.02.22: C++: RAII without exceptions
2016.02.16: The promises and challenges of std::async task-based parallelism in C++11
2016.01.17: C++11 threads, affinity and hyperthreading
2015.08.21: C++: Deleting destructors and virtual operator delete
2015.07.15: Programmatic access to the call stack in C++
2015.05.18: On parsing C, type declarations and fake headers
2014.11.11: Samples for using LLVM and Clang as a library
2014.11.03: Perfect forwarding and universal references in C++
2014.10.24: Variadic templates in C++
2014.10.20: SFINAE and enable_if
2014.01.07: Getting started with libjit - part 3
2013.12.05: The cost of dynamic (virtual calls) vs. static (CRTP) dispatch in C++
2013.12.03: Intel i7 loop performance anomaly
2013.11.12: Getting started with libjit - part 2
2013.11.05: How to JIT - an introduction
2013.10.17: Getting started with libjit - part 1
2013.03.04: Flexible runtime interface to shared libraries with libffi
2012.12.17: Dumping a C++ object's memory layout with Clang
2012.08.24: Plugins in C
2012.08.13: How statically linked programs run on Linux
2012.07.12: Computed goto for efficient dispatch tables
2012.07.05: How Clang handles the type / variable name ambiguity of C/C++
2012.06.28: The type / variable name ambiguity in C++
2012.06.20: C++11: using unique_ptr with standard library containers
2012.06.17: Faster XML iteration with ElementTree
2012.06.08: Basic source-to-source transformation with Clang
2012.02.06: Dependent name lookup for C++ templates
2012.02.03: Adventures in parsing C: ASTs for switch statements
2012.01.03: Understanding the x64 code models
2011.12.15: Understanding lvalues and rvalues in C and C++
2011.11.30: How I stopped worrying and switched to C++ for my Bob Scheme VM
2011.11.14: Anonymous functions (lambdas) in C++11
2011.11.11: Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries on x64
2011.11.03: Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries
2011.09.16: Exporting C++ classes from a DLL
2011.08.30: Construction of function static variables in C++ is not thread safe
2011.08.25: Load-time relocation of shared libraries
2011.07.09: Passing extra arguments to Qt slots
2011.07.08: DLL hell problems with Qt Creator
2011.07.03: Parsing C++ in Python with Clang
2011.05.17: The Curiously Recurring Template Pattern in C++
2011.05.02: The context sensitivity of C’s grammar, revisited
2011.04.22: C++ template syntax patterns
2011.04.09: A C++ VM added to Bob
2011.03.20: Boost.Asio with Protocol Buffers code sample
2011.03.08: Non-constant global initialization in C and C++
2011.03.07: From C to AST and back to C with pycparser
2011.03.04: Building protobuf examples on Windows with MSVC
2011.02.17: The many faces of operator new in C++
2011.02.15: Array initialization with enum indices in C but not C++
2011.01.14: How Python affected my C/C++ brace style
2010.11.13: Pure virtual destructors in C++
2010.10.31: pycparser now supports C99
2010.06.11: The perils of unsigned iteration in C/C++
2010.04.06: Pointers vs. arrays in C, part 2(D)
2010.04.05: pthreads as a case study of good API design
2010.01.11: Pointers to arrays in C
2009.11.23: Visualizing binary trees with Graphviz
2009.11.16: void* and casts, in C and C++
2009.10.30: Handling out-of-memory conditions in C
2009.10.21: Are pointers and arrays equivalent in C?
2009.10.17: The C++ bashing season is back
2009.10.07: Book review: "C Interfaces and Implementations" by David R. Hanson
2009.09.23: Compiling SQLite on Windows
2009.04.27: Using goto for error handling in C
2009.01.28: Creating threads in Win32 C/C++ programming
2008.10.18: Implementing cdecl with pycparser
2008.10.17: memmgr - a fixed-pool memory allocator
2008.08.31: ctypes - calling C/C++ code from Python
2008.08.23: Initializing an array in constant time
2008.07.18: Reading C type declarations
2007.11.24: The context sensitivity of C's grammar
2006.12.04: Compiling C DLLs and using them from Perl
2006.12.03: A complete C++ development environment from Microsoft, free
2006.03.03: unit testing framework - cxxtext
2005.12.04: perl master, C++ slave, bound for serial port programming
2005.08.11: eclipse
2005.07.15: Qt guidelenes for API design
2005.06.10: lesson for today: caveat in C++ line-reading
2005.06.01: PIC compiler bugs...
2005.03.22: c++ woes: std:: and unwanted warnings
2005.03.08: Book review: "Expert C Programming" by Peter van der Linden
2005.02.01: true cross-platform compatibility of Qt
2005.01.02: Qt - first impressions
2004.12.27: serial port saga - a C++ implementation
2004.10.01: complying with -Wall -pedantic -ansi
2004.07.30: a cool algorithm for counting ones in a bitstring
2004.07.18: c/c++ annoyance - unsigned iteration
2004.06.01: nostalgic...
2004.05.18: Book review: "Efficient C++: Performance Programming Techniques" by Bulka & Mayhew
2004.05.14: making sense of pointers
2004.04.21: a problem, two tricks - almost a solution
2004.04.11: compiling gcc
2003.12.26: Finding out where a function was called from
2003.12.26: Initialization of structures and arrays in C++
2003.12.09: Book review: "Effective STL" by Scott Myers
2003.09.19: cpp is pain
2003.09.12: Book review: "C++ in action" by Bartosz Milewski
2003.09.05: more on simplified cpp + some rant
2003.09.04: coding a simplified cpp
2003.08.29: note to self - assert()
2003.07.23: Variable initialization in C++
2003.07.23: Allocating multi-dimensional arrays in C++
2003.07.23: Correct usage of const with pointers
2003.07.04: interesting problem (binary representation of big numbers)
2003.06.27: "Modern C++" scares me
2003.05.16: too much Perl...
2003.05.09: Coding in C++, wishing it were Lisp (or Perl)