Articles in tag "Go"

2024.07.04: Locally patching dependencies in Go
2024.05.31: Reading Google Sheets from a Go program
2024.04.25: Tokens for LLMs: Byte Pair Encoding in Go
2024.03.06: The life of an Ollama prompt
2024.02.22: Gemma, Ollama and LangChainGo
2024.02.21: gemini-cli: Access Gemini models from the command-line
2024.01.30: Using Gemini models in Go with LangChainGo
2024.01.13: Sign in with Google in Go
2023.12.22: Using Gemini models from Go
2023.12.09: Sign in with GitHub in Go
2023.11.22: Using Ollama with LangChainGo
2023.11.10: Retrieval Augmented Generation in Go
2023.10.16: Better HTTP server routing in Go 1.22
2023.09.16: static-server: an HTTP server in Go for static content
2023.09.09: Introduction to CORS for Go programmers
2023.08.22: My favorite prime number generator
2023.07.24: Common pitfalls in Go benchmarking
2023.07.21: Preview: ranging over functions in Go
2023.07.08: Ungrammar in Go and resilient parsing
2023.06.03: Plugins case study: Envoy WASM extensions
2023.05.06: FAAS in Go with WASM, WASI and Rust
2023.03.28: RPC-based plugins in Go
2023.03.17: The power of single-method interfaces in Go
2023.03.04: Higher-order functions in Go
2023.02.16: Playing with indirect calls in WebAssembly
2022.12.14: Go and Proxy Servers: Part 3 - SOCKS proxies
2022.11.19: SSH port forwarding with Go
2022.11.09: Go and Proxy Servers: Part 2 - HTTPS Proxies
2022.10.24: Go and Proxy Servers: Part 1 - HTTP Proxies
2022.10.01: Serving static files and web apps in Go
2022.09.17: Basic Go tooling for generics
2022.09.05: Sudoku, Go and WebAssembly
2022.09.03: Parent links in Go ASTs
2022.08.06: Error handling with Go tooling
2022.07.09: Exploring function parameter types with Go tooling
2022.06.11: The Y combinator in Go with generics
2022.06.06: Performance of coroutine-style lexers in Go
2022.05.03: A faster lexer in Go
2022.04.02: Faster sorting with Go generics
2022.03.28: Interface method calls with the Go register ABI
2022.02.12: File-driven testing in Go
2022.02.05: Building binary trees from inorder-depth lists
2021.10.26: A comprehensive guide to go generate
2021.10.02: Rewriting Go source code with AST tooling
2021.08.28: Plugins in Go
2021.07.17: Accessing PostgreSQL databases in Go
2021.06.09: REST Servers in Go: Part 7 - GraphQL
2021.05.13: REST Servers in Go: Part 6 - authentication
2021.04.24: Go socket servers with TLS
2021.04.03: Go HTTPS servers with TLS
2021.03.06: REST Servers in Go: Part 5 - middleware
2021.02.20: Life of an HTTP request in a Go server
2021.02.13: Generic functions on slices with Go type parameters
2021.02.06: REST Servers in Go: Part 4 - using OpenAPI and Swagger
2021.01.27: Go internals: invariance and memory layout of slices
2021.01.23: REST Servers in Go: Part 3 - using a web framework
2021.01.21: REST Servers in Go: Part 2 - using a router package
2021.01.14: REST Servers in Go: Part 1 - standard library
2020.12.18: Computing the Chinese Remainder Theorem
2020.12.05: Unmarshaling Time values from JSON
2020.09.12: Writing multi-package analysis tools for Go
2020.08.19: Embedding in Go: Part 3 - interfaces in structs
2020.08.17: Embedding in Go: Part 2 - interfaces in interfaces
2020.08.15: Embedding in Go: Part 1 - structs in structs
2020.06.13: You don't need virtualenv in Go
2020.05.23: Optional JSON fields in Go
2020.05.16: Representing JSON structures in Go
2020.05.02: Faking stdin and stdout in Go
2020.04.04: Testing flag parsing in Go programs
2020.03.05: Implementing Raft: Part 3 - Persistence and Optimizations
2020.02.29: Implementing Raft: Part 2 - Commands and Log Replication
2020.02.24: Implementing Raft: Part 1 - Elections
2020.02.22: Implementing Raft: Part 0 - Introduction
2020.01.21: Graceful shutdown of a TCP server in Go
2020.01.07: PubSub using channels in Go
2019.11.23: "Beating" C with 400 lines of unoptimized assembly
2019.10.01: Simple Go project layout with modules
2019.09.16: Go internals: capturing loop variables in closures
2019.09.03: RSA - theory and implementation
2019.08.03: AES encryption of files in Go
2019.07.22: Faster XML stream processing in Go
2019.07.15: Passing callbacks and pointers to Cgo
2019.07.04: Go compiler internals: adding a new statement to Go - Part 2
2019.07.03: Go compiler internals: adding a new statement to Go - Part 1
2019.05.31: GeoIP service as a cloud function
2019.05.07: To ORM or not to ORM
2019.04.25: Implementing reader-writer locks
2019.03.27: Design patterns in Go's database/sql package
2019.03.19: Does a concrete type implement an interface in Go?
2019.03.05: GitHub webhook payload as a cloud function
2019.02.12: Unix domain sockets in Go
2019.02.04: Go JSON Cookbook
2019.01.17: On concurrency in Go HTTP servers
2018.12.24: Beware of copying mutexes in Go
2018.10.04: Go hits the concurrency nail right on the head
2018.09.13: Go and Algebraic Data Types
2018.08.08: On the uses and misuses of panics in Go
2018.03.02: Command-line autocomplete for Go documentation
2018.02.20: The Expression Problem in Go
2016.05.10: Suffix arrays in the Go standard library
2016.05.03: Go WebSocket server sample
2016.04.20: Book review: "The Go Programming Language" by Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan
2014.03.27: Rewriting the lexer benchmark in Go