Articles in tag "EE & Embedded"

2023.03.11: Sum of same-frequency sinusoids
2017.01.05: Some notes on Luz - an assembler, linker and CPU simulator
2010.05.05: Introducing Luz
2009.08.12: Framing in serial communications
2009.07.10: Book review: "Tab electronics guide to understanding Electricity and Electronics" by G. Randy Slone
2008.12.26: Solution to the RC circuit puzzle
2008.12.22: An RC circuit puzzle
2008.10.17: memmgr - a fixed-pool memory allocator
2007.04.03: TFTP
2006.05.10: Antialiasing filters and multirate systems
2006.02.13: once again: perl, serial ports and what's between them
2006.02.09: hardware acceleration of algorithms
2005.12.04: perl master, C++ slave, bound for serial port programming
2005.11.18: annoying tool problems at work
2005.09.19: Book review: "Embedded Microprocessor Systems" by S. Ball
2005.09.14: the joys of embedded hacking
2005.08.07: Book review: "Designing embedded hardware" by John Catsoulis
2005.06.01: PIC compiler bugs...
2005.05.29: getting to some real PIC programming
2005.05.10: Ethernet, or things I never thought I'll do
2005.01.30: microchip PIC
2005.01.27: Book review: "Complete digital design" by Mark Balch
2004.12.20: Serial port monitor
2004.11.09: Book review: "VHDL Coding Styles ..." by Ben Cohen
2004.10.28: good guys
2004.09.10: back to the roots
2004.07.20: controlling an osciloscope with VB
2004.06.04: recalling DSP
2004.06.03: interviewing again, a little different this time
2004.05.17: soldering
2004.03.17: communication with a serial port
2004.03.17: Book review: "Programming Embedded systems in C and C++" by Michael Barr
2004.03.15: programming geek - EE geek
2003.10.30: hardware debugging is hard
2003.10.22: morale of the day
2003.10.09: Ada and VHDL
2003.09.01: VHDL C interaction
2003.08.06: too much information
2003.08.01: treasure chest
2003.05.16: Using perl for hardware verification