Archives for 2010

31.12.2010: Summary of reading: October - December 2010
25.12.2010: Read It Later - first application bought for my iPad
14.12.2010: Problem passing arguments to Python scripts on Windows
13.11.2010: Pure virtual destructors in C++
06.11.2010: Bob: a Scheme interpreter, compiler, and VM in Python
31.10.2010: pycparser now supports C99
21.10.2010: 64-bit types and arithmetic on 32-bit CPUs
09.10.2010: How to find out whether your Windows 7 is 64-bit
02.10.2010: Summary of reading: July – September 2010
28.09.2010: pycscope with Vim
20.09.2010: Python internals: Symbol tables, part 2
18.09.2010: Python internals: Symbol tables, part 1
17.09.2010: Browsing Python source code with Vim
25.08.2010: Commenting out a block of code with Vim
18.08.2010: Some problems installing Ubuntu 10.04 on VirtualBox
23.07.2010: Contributing to Python
12.07.2010: Enhorabuena a España
08.07.2010: Summary of reading: May - June 2010
30.06.2010: Python internals: adding a new statement to Python
25.06.2010: AES encryption of files in Python with PyCrypto
24.06.2010: Sad, but just
11.06.2010: The perils of unsigned iteration in C/C++
28.05.2010: The intuition behind Fisher-Yates shuffling
22.05.2010: Migrating my personal projects to Mercurial
19.05.2010: Making code compatible with Python 2 and 3
15.05.2010: Book review: "Time to Kill" by John Grisham
14.05.2010: scons instead of make
05.05.2010: Introducing Luz
05.05.2010: Book review: "The Power of Babel" by John McWhorter
10.04.2010: pycparser v1.06 released
06.04.2010: Pointers vs. arrays in C, part 2(D)
05.04.2010: pthreads as a case study of good API design
30.03.2010: Horner's rule: efficient evaluation of polynomials
27.03.2010: Running several OSes in one - using VirtualBox
27.03.2010: Setting the first day of the week in the Windows XP calendar
25.03.2010: Book review: "Marina" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
20.03.2010: Book review: "The Wayward Bus" by John Steinbeck
19.03.2010: reputation rule changes on stackoverflow
10.03.2010: My favorite freeware programs for Windows
06.03.2010: The server-side Javascript meme
05.03.2010: Zipped dump of a SQLite database with Python
04.03.2010: Book review: "Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny" by Robert Wright
24.02.2010: A simple canvas-based Javascript game, with a Django back-end
20.02.2010: Book review: "Shogun" by James Clavell
13.02.2010: Finding out the mouse click position on a canvas with Javascript
08.02.2010: Removing epsilon productions from context free grammars
28.01.2010: Generating random sentences from a context free grammar
27.01.2010: Book review: "Matplotlib for Python developers" by Sandro Tosi
25.01.2010: Book review: "Linkers & Loaders" by John Levine
22.01.2010: Weighted random generation in Python
11.01.2010: Pointers to arrays in C
09.01.2010: Book review: "Coders at work" by Peter Seibel
02.01.2010: Top-Down operator precedence parsing