Articles in tag "Spanish"

2008.06.09: Book review: "Cien años de soledad" by Gabriel García Márquez
2007.07.20: Book review: "Countdown to Spanish" by Gail Stein
2007.05.10: Typing Spanish characters on a standard keyboard
2005.07.22: Book review: "Los caminos de Mitan" by Luis G Prado
2005.07.12: Book review: "Yo Robot" by Isaac Asimov
2005.06.03: Book review: "Fundacion" by Isaac Asimov
2005.01.14: Book review: "Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal"
2004.11.11: Book review: "Spanish with Michel Thomas" by Michel Thomas
2004.10.05: tech blogs in Spanish
2003.10.01: Book review: "Lola" by Loreto de Miguel and Alba Santos