Archives for 2011

30.12.2011: Summary of reading: October ā€“ December 2011
29.12.2011: New year's Python meme 2011
27.12.2011: Python threads: communication and stopping
26.12.2011: The contents of DWARF sections
15.12.2011: Understanding lvalues and rvalues in C and C++
01.12.2011: Bluehost - I'm watching you
30.11.2011: How I stopped worrying and switched to C++ for my Bob Scheme VM
28.11.2011: Less copies in Python with the buffer protocol and memoryviews
16.11.2011: pss v0.34 released
14.11.2011: Anonymous functions (lambdas) in C++11
11.11.2011: Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries on x64
03.11.2011: Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries
28.10.2011: An observation on writing line-processing loop code
21.10.2011: pss v0.33 released
19.10.2011: Perl's "guess if file is text or binary" implemented in Python
14.10.2011: Announcing pss: a tool for searching inside source code
10.10.2011: Installing Python 2.7 on Ubuntu
09.10.2011: It's time for Python 2.7
04.10.2011: What TDD means to me
01.10.2011: Summary of reading: July ā€“ September 2011
29.09.2011: An interesting tree serialization algorithm from DWARF
16.09.2011: Exporting C++ classes from a DLL
06.09.2011: Stack frame layout on x86-64
30.08.2011: Construction of function static variables in C++ is not thread safe
25.08.2011: Load-time relocation of shared libraries
22.08.2011: How (not) to set a timeout on a computation in Python
14.08.2011: Python metaclasses by example
02.08.2011: Python unit testing: parametrized test cases
02.08.2011: Length-prefix framing for protocol buffers
29.07.2011: Ahoy social networking - Google+ account
17.07.2011: Django sessions - part III: User authentication
12.07.2011: Helping improve the documentation of Python
09.07.2011: Passing extra arguments to Qt slots
08.07.2011: DLL hell problems with Qt Creator
03.07.2011: Parsing C++ in Python with Clang
01.07.2011: Summary of reading: April ā€“ June 2011
29.06.2011: Django sessions - part II: How sessions work
24.06.2011: Django sessions - part I: Cookies
24.06.2011: How Django sessions work - introduction
09.06.2011: Favorite Firefox addons
26.05.2011: Code sample - socket client based on Twisted with PyQt
18.05.2011: Code sample - socket client thread in Python
17.05.2011: The Curiously Recurring Template Pattern in C++
15.05.2011: Understanding UnboundLocalError in Python
02.05.2011: The context sensitivity of Cā€™s grammar, revisited
25.04.2011: Passing extra arguments to PyQt slots
24.04.2011: New-style signal-slot connection mechanism in PyQt
22.04.2011: C++ template syntax patterns
17.04.2011: Book review: "The Voyage of the Beagle" by Charles Darwin
09.04.2011: A C++ VM added to Bob
02.04.2011: Summary of reading: January - March 2011
01.04.2011: Sample using QScintilla with PyQt
20.03.2011: Boost.Asio with Protocol Buffers code sample
18.03.2011: Python development switches to Mercurial source control
08.03.2011: Non-constant global initialization in C and C++
07.03.2011: From C to AST and back to C with pycparser
04.03.2011: Building protobuf examples on Windows with MSVC
17.02.2011: The many faces of operator new in C++
15.02.2011: Array initialization with enum indices in C but not C++
07.02.2011: How debuggers work: Part 3 - Debugging information
04.02.2011: Where the top of the stack is on x86
28.01.2011: On spaces in the paths of programs and files on Windows
27.01.2011: How debuggers work: Part 2 - Breakpoints
23.01.2011: How debuggers work: Part 1 - Basics
14.01.2011: Local execution of Python CGI scripts - with Python 3
14.01.2011: How Python affected my C/C++ brace style