Articles in tag "Linux"

2022.11.02: Replacing my home desktop computer
2019.02.12: Unix domain sockets in Go
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2014.09.17: Highlighting the active tab in GNOME terminal
2014.03.30: pyelftools 0.22 released
2014.01.16: Building gcc 4.8 from source on Ubunu 12.04
2013.12.26: Adding bash completion for your own tools - an example for pss
2013.12.18: Makefile functions and color output
2013.12.03: Intel i7 loop performance anomaly
2013.11.23: A new Ubuntu machine for home
2013.10.08: Some notes on logging and SSH access from cron jobs
2013.06.11: Keeping persistent history in bash
2012.11.14: Some notes on POSIX regular expressions
2012.10.07: Fixing intermittent DNS problems on Ubuntu 12.04
2012.08.13: How statically linked programs run on Linux
2012.07.09: Upgdated Ubuntu on my laptop to 12.04
2012.01.27: pyelftools ported to Python 3
2012.01.06: pyelftools - Python library for parsing ELF and DWARF
2012.01.03: Understanding the x64 code models
2011.11.16: pss v0.34 released
2011.11.11: Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries on x64
2011.11.03: Position Independent Code (PIC) in shared libraries
2011.10.21: pss v0.33 released
2011.10.14: Announcing pss: a tool for searching inside source code
2011.10.10: Installing Python 2.7 on Ubuntu
2011.09.06: Stack frame layout on x86-64
2011.08.25: Load-time relocation of shared libraries
2010.08.18: Some problems installing Ubuntu 10.04 on VirtualBox
2010.03.27: Running several OSes in one - using VirtualBox
2008.03.08: Some insights on Linux on the EEE
2007.08.11: Hello from Ubuntu Linux 7.04