Archives for 2015

31.12.2015: Summary of reading: October - December 2015
22.12.2015: Broadcasting arrays in Numpy
16.10.2015: Directed graph traversal, orderings and applications to data-flow analysis
03.10.2015: Summary of reading: July - September 2015
26.09.2015: Memory layout of multi-dimensional arrays
06.09.2015: Updates for building my LLVM & Clang samples for release 3.7
21.08.2015: C++: Deleting destructors and virtual operator delete
23.07.2015: Change of basis in Linear Algebra
15.07.2015: Programmatic access to the call stack in C++
30.06.2015: Summary of reading: April - June 2015
27.05.2015: The Normal Equation and matrix calculus
22.05.2015: Book review: "How To Prove It" by Daniel Velleman
18.05.2015: On parsing C, type declarations and fake headers
18.04.2015: Calling back into Python from llvmlite-JITed code
09.04.2015: YAPF - Yet Another Python Formatter
02.04.2015: Summary of reading: January - March 2015
19.03.2015: Visualizing matrix multiplication as a linear combination
20.02.2015: Redirecting all kinds of stdout in Python
08.02.2015: Python version of the LLVM tutorial
28.01.2015: Review of the Coursera Machine Learning course
26.01.2015: Building and using llvmlite - a basic example
17.01.2015: The scope of index variables in Python's for loops
09.01.2015: Another look at my programming language arsenal
01.01.2015: Summary of reading: October - December 2014