Archives for 2012

29.12.2012: Summary of reading: October – December 2012
27.12.2012: pycparser v2.09 released, project moved to BitBucket
17.12.2012: Dumping a C++ object's memory layout with Clang
24.11.2012: Life of an instruction in LLVM
14.11.2012: Some notes on POSIX regular expressions
10.11.2012: Native Client vs. ActiveX
14.10.2012: Thinking of dumping Wordpress
07.10.2012: Fixing intermittent DNS problems on Ubuntu 12.04
30.09.2012: Summary of reading: July - September 2012
26.08.2012: This blog is taking a short break
24.08.2012: Plugins in C
22.08.2012: Easy tracing of nested function calls in Python
19.08.2012: Wordpress 3.4.1 upgrade screwed up my blog a bit
13.08.2012: How statically linked programs run on Linux
10.08.2012: Building and using llvmpy - a basic example
09.08.2012: Using sub-generators for lexical scanning in Python
07.08.2012: Fundamental concepts of plugin infrastructures
02.08.2012: Parsing expressions by precedence climbing
12.07.2012: Computed goto for efficient dispatch tables
09.07.2012: Upgdated Ubuntu on my laptop to 12.04
05.07.2012: How Clang handles the type / variable name ambiguity of C/C++
30.06.2012: Summary of reading: April - June 2012
28.06.2012: The type / variable name ambiguity in C++
20.06.2012: C++11: using unique_ptr with standard library containers
17.06.2012: Faster XML iteration with ElementTree
15.06.2012: Under the hood of Python class definitions
08.06.2012: Basic source-to-source transformation with Clang
27.05.2012: Book review: "The rational optimist" by Matt Ridley
22.05.2012: grep through code history with Git, Mercurial or SVN
19.05.2012: New toys
08.05.2012: Coursera/Stanford online algorithms I course - a retrospective
07.05.2012: Automating boring testing activities with tox
26.04.2012: Reading on a Kindle vs. a paper book
16.04.2012: Python object creation sequence
05.04.2012: Implementing a generator/yield in a Python C extension
05.04.2012: Summary of reading: January - March 2012
03.04.2012: The fundamental types of Python - a diagram
30.03.2012: Python objects, types, classes, and instances - a glossary
23.03.2012: Python internals: how callables work
15.03.2012: Processing XML in Python with ElementTree
04.03.2012: Some thoughts on JSON vs. S-expressions
02.03.2012: Python development - improving ElementTree for 3.3
06.02.2012: Dependent name lookup for C++ templates
03.02.2012: Adventures in parsing C: ASTs for switch statements
30.01.2012: The bytes/str dichotomy in Python 3
27.01.2012: pyelftools ported to Python 3
24.01.2012: Distributed computing in Python with multiprocessing
16.01.2012: Python - parallelizing CPU-bound tasks with multiprocessing
12.01.2012: A Vim plugin for pss
06.01.2012: pyelftools - Python library for parsing ELF and DWARF
04.01.2012: Shared counter with Python's multiprocessing
03.01.2012: Understanding the x64 code models
02.01.2012: Website stats for 2011