I got a couple of new gadgets/toys recently.

The new iPad - white, 16GB wifi version. It's really sleek - lighter and slimmer than my old iPad (first generation). The branding is confusing, why didn't they just call it iPad 3? The screen is great, but I wonder what would be the killer application to really let it shine? HD movies? Because when just viewing photographs and browsing, there isn't too much difference from the old one's screen.

Kindle touch. I already have a "normal" kindle (also from the new generation), but it's so useful in our family that I wanted another one. This time I bought a touch screen version thinking that it should make dictionary translations easier (for reading in Spanish, etc). I like its controls, but it's somewhat fatter and heavier than the normal Kindle which makes it less convenient for holding. I hope it's not a big difference when I'm actually used to it.