Does this sound familiar ?: you want something, so you pump yourself with arguments of why it's good to get it, convincing yourself in the endless merits of getting it ? Well, this is the self-encouraging I'm currently going through about getting myself a handheld computer - Palm Tungsten E. First, I found out that there's no problem for me to bring it to work since it has no digital camera (security clearance issues...). This is good, very good. It means that I'll be able to use it in the bus on my way to/from work. Second, I discovered that it can be used as a good MP3 player. This computer includes a high-quality sound chip, and has a headphone connection for stereo-sound. Though the built-in memory is tiny, it costs only about $90 to get a SD memory card of 1 GB, which is more than enough for my portable music needs. It can play 4-6 hours of music on one charging, which is also nice. For longer play-times, I can buy (for $16) a 4-AA battery "external charger" that can charge the device 2.5 times on average (rechargable AA batteries are cheap nowadays), that means more than 16 hours of music if I really need so much. This is (very) nice. I'm almost fully convinced now :-)