The "buy myself a handheld" bug has bitten me again. My goal, at the moment, is a PDA for book reading. These devices have come a long way and now with good-resolution color screens are quite comfortable for book-reading (some people swear that they're better than paper-books). So I started looking around, and for my modest needs Palm Tungsten E looks like a good candidate, also having good reviews. But can I buy such a thing w/o getting a feel for it ? Can I be sure that reading from its screen will be convenient for *me* ? So, as no one of my friends owns this or a similar device, I headed to the shopping mall to find some computer shop when I'll be able to see a demo (and incidentally, to do some clothes shopping with my wife, but that's for another story). So, I entered a computer shop - they have just the model I need, but it's closed in a plastic box. "Can I open it and have a feel for it ?", Nope... huh ? Well, PalmOne don't take back opened devices. OK then, if I don't like it, can I return it after a few days ? Err, nope. Darn... Then I went to Office Depot. They also have this device, and they also won't let me open it. They do have a 14-day refund policy though. But wait... NOT for Palms !! That is, again, because once the plastic is open, PalmOne won't take it back. Other devices, like iPAQs, no problems... Argh. So now I'm really discouraged. I wanted this device, but I feel mad at those guys for not letting me get a feel for it. I'm about to buy an expensive toy, which has some dangers, I can't be left without a refund option. Annoying. And probably PalmOne's fault. WTF, can't you just get a new plastic box cover for it ?!?!