I noticed I don't write much in the journal in the past two weeks. Given what I did, it figures.

These two weeks were a delirium - a coding frenzy in its best sense. Beginning with 0 knowledge of Qt, I'm now a proud owner of a 3,000 LOC C++ program based on a Qt GUI - something we very badly need at work. It compiles w/o errors/warning and works great on Windows 2k (VS.NET) and on Linux RH9 (g++).

So most of what I do these days is code, code and code and code. Wednesday has been particularly busy - a frenzy of 1000 LOC in a single day. By the evening I felt like Neo in the Matrix, I saw the world through bits, clipping rectangles and paint events. This is not healthy.

The goal now is to present it to people at work and get an approvement from the manager to plunge into serious development on it (for now it's a prototype - a proof of concept). There're still tons of features to be implemented.

I'd like once again to note how much I like Qt. It's f*cking terrific - programming in C++ is suddently fun again.