The project I'm coding at work now (in Perl, yeehay !) has grown to be my largest Perl program ever, by far. It's now at about 3300 lines (of which 2500 are operational, and the rest are test suites), which beats my previous (Perl) record of 1200+ lines (a MIX simulator).

I wonder if I'll beat my largest programming effort - the partly C, partly C++ coded ESMS (see my website), which is about 6 KLOC, and reaches 10 if you take all the auxiliary utilities into account.

The current Perl project is not easy to handle - it's large. But now I'm smarter than I've been before - I use a lot of modules, so my largest file is about 400 LOC, not much. It has it all, from binary file processing (using a specially coded BitStream module) through a nice Tk GUI. There's still a lot of work to do.