pss v0.34 released

November 16th, 2011 at 8:03 am

Version 0.34 of pss has been released today – get it from its BitBucket page or directly from PyPI (using pip or your other favorite packager).

Over the past few weeks pss has really become production quality. It has been used by quite a lot of people; a few bugs were fixed, and a few new features were added. Personally I use it almost every day with great success.

Here’s the list of changes for this version:

  • Added –noheading and –nobreak options (pull request #4 by Bernhard Leiner).
  • Issue #13: added the ‘-t/–textonly/–nobinary’ option to restrict the search to textual files.
  • Issue #23: added ‘txt’ type for ‘.txt’ and ‘.text’ extensions
  • Added ‘rst’ type for ‘.rst’ and ‘.rest’ extensions (Restructured Text)
  • Issue #17: customize the colors used by pss for matches and filenames.
  • Added __pycache__ to the list of directories ignored by default.
  • Issue #20: Make -g cooperate with -a as expected.
  • Issue #16: Add F90 and F95 extensions for Fortran.
  • Issue #3: Allow specifying file types using patterns, not just extensions. Also adds new types: make, rake, cmake.

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3 Responses to “pss v0.34 released”

  1. SAnNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Eli, nice job!

    Can you explain why are you releasing it to the public domain and not using a permisive “FOSS” license?


  2. elibenNo Gravatar Says:


    Public domain is also a kind of (very) permissive FOSS license. I think it’s the most permissive there is, actually. And the simplest :-)

  3. Julien OsterNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks. Actively using it, love it. One use case I often ecounter is finding definitions in /usr/include. I just did a “pss sigjmp_buf /usr/include” and got exactly what I wanted.

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