Articles in tag "Math"

12.11.2018: Unification
01.10.2018: Partial and Total Orders
07.06.2018: Minimal character-based LSTM implementation
25.05.2018: Understanding how to implement a character-based RNN language model
22.05.2018: Backpropagation through a fully-connected layer
04.04.2018: Depthwise separable convolutions for machine learning
26.03.2018: The Confusion Matrix in statistical tests
13.03.2018: Conditional probability and Bayes' theorem
12.02.2018: Computing remainders by doubling
09.01.2018: Affine transformations
02.11.2016: Logistic regression
18.10.2016: The Softmax function and its derivative
10.10.2016: The Chain Rule of Calculus
06.08.2016: Linear regression
05.08.2016: Understanding gradient descent
22.12.2015: Broadcasting arrays in Numpy
26.09.2015: Memory layout of multi-dimensional arrays
23.07.2015: Change of basis in Linear Algebra
27.05.2015: The Normal Equation and matrix calculus
19.03.2015: Visualizing matrix multiplication as a linear combination
28.12.2014: Meshgrids and disambiguating rows and columns from Cartesian coordinates
22.12.2014: Derivation of the Normal Equation for linear regression
30.03.2010: Horner's rule: efficient evaluation of polynomials
01.08.2009: A group-theoretic proof of Euler's theorem
17.07.2009: Equivalence classes and group partitions
13.07.2009: Detexify recognizes hand-written math symbols
11.07.2009: Generating multi-subsets using arithmetic
10.07.2009: The GCD and linear combinations
09.07.2009: The well-ordering principle
19.06.2009: Project Euler problem 66 and continued fractions
28.03.2009: Efficient modular exponentiation algorithms
21.03.2009: Efficient integer exponentiation algorithms
07.03.2009: Computing modular square roots in Python
21.02.2009: Rabin-Miller primality test implementation
13.01.2009: The limit of sin(h)/h, or deriving the sine function
07.01.2009: Variance of the sum of independent random variables
26.12.2008: Solution to the RC circuit puzzle
22.12.2008: An RC circuit puzzle
02.12.2008: Posting mathematical formulae in a Wordpress blog
14.11.2008: Book review: "A Certain Ambiguity: A mathematical novel" by G. Suri and H. Bal
15.08.2008: Intersection of 1D segments
17.01.2008: Pythagorean - the theorem with most proofs ?
08.04.2007: Solution of the Two Envelopes paradox
11.07.2006: Sum of digits and divisibility by 3
18.04.2006: Longest Increasing Subsequence
24.06.2005: Simple math optimization problem
11.06.2005: meaningful MD5 collisions !!
29.03.2005: application of combinations
15.03.2005: pi-day
21.01.2005: mathematical musing
03.12.2004: AI-ish attempt at teamsheet picking
28.10.2004: Book review: "Metamath: the quest for Omega" by G. Chaitin
10.09.2004: solution to the "math confusion"
08.09.2004: math confusion ?
12.05.2004: the rule of 72
05.05.2004: a roulette paradox
08.01.2004: remembrance of things past
28.10.2003: pop quiz paradox: my solution
27.10.2003: another probability paradox
27.10.2003: beautiful
24.10.2003: a probability paradox
23.10.2003: Book review: "Finite and infinite games" by James Carse
25.08.2003: Book review: "Math. puzzles and diversions" by M. Gardner
29.07.2003: hard IQ test