Articles in tag "Lisp"

04.08.2017: Clojure - the perfect language to expand your brain?
23.06.2017: Clojure concurrency and blocking with core.async
23.05.2017: Notes on debugging Clojure code
08.05.2017: Book review: "Essentials of Programming Languages" by D. Friedman and M. Wand
26.12.2016: Common Lisp's consp and listp in Clojure
28.11.2016: Some notes on the Y combinator
14.11.2016: EOPL define-datatype and cases in Clojure
28.04.2016: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch - part 4
26.04.2016: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch - part 3
09.04.2011: A C++ VM added to Bob
06.11.2010: Bob: a Scheme interpreter, compiler, and VM in Python
23.09.2007: Free and bound variables in Lisp
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16.09.2007: Common Lisp vs. Scheme macros
23.08.2007: Giving PLT Scheme a try
20.08.2007: Rant about Common Lisp and implementations
08.08.2007: Setting up an initialization file for CLISP on Windows
27.07.2007: Educational path
27.07.2007: DSL = Metalinguistic Abstraction
10.11.2006: The parentheses of Lisp
27.10.2006: The sad state of the Lisp user community
20.04.2006: newlisp - an intriguing dialect of Lisp
12.06.2005: lessons from PAIP
30.03.2005: back to lisp fiddling
20.09.2004: Book review: "Successful Lisp" by David Lamkins
08.08.2004: Equality in Lisp
05.08.2004: what's up with the factorial ?
03.08.2004: back to lisp
30.07.2004: lambda²