Archives for 2016

31.12.2016: Summary of reading: October - December 2016
26.12.2016: Common Lisp's consp and listp in Clojure
06.12.2016: Basics of using the readline library
28.11.2016: Some notes on the Y combinator
14.11.2016: EOPL define-datatype and cases in Clojure
02.11.2016: Logistic regression
18.10.2016: The Softmax function and its derivative
10.10.2016: The Chain Rule of Calculus
30.09.2016: Summary of reading: July - September 2016
23.08.2016: wc in x64 assembly
06.08.2016: Linear regression
05.08.2016: Understanding gradient descent
24.07.2016: Drawing animated GIFs with matplotlib
30.06.2016: Summary of reading: April - June 2016
12.05.2016: The Expression Problem and its solutions
10.05.2016: Suffix arrays in the Go standard library
05.05.2016: On the Composite and Interpreter design patterns
03.05.2016: Go WebSocket server sample
28.04.2016: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch - part 4
26.04.2016: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch - part 3
21.04.2016: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch - part 2
20.04.2016: Book review: "The Go Programming Language" by Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan
19.04.2016: A polyglot's guide to multiple dispatch
04.04.2016: Comparing types in Python 3
31.03.2016: Summary of reading: January - March 2016
29.03.2016: Book review: "Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks" by Paul Butcher
12.03.2016: gRPC sample in C++ and Python
04.03.2016: Returning multiple values from functions in C++
22.02.2016: C++: RAII without exceptions
16.02.2016: The promises and challenges of std::async task-based parallelism in C++11
12.02.2016: Book review: "C++ Concurrency in Action" by Anthony Williams
02.02.2016: Book review: "Structured Parallel Programming" by M. McCool, J. Reinders, A. Robinson
26.01.2016: Persistent history in Bash - redux
17.01.2016: C++11 threads, affinity and hyperthreading