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This blog is certainly not a youngster, the first post in it being from May 2003 - almost 10 years ago. As I look in the earliest posts I'm filled with nostalgia - I was so different back then, but at the same time so alike. One interesting thing that immediately springs up is to completely different nature of my posts. Book reviews remained similar (although I started bundling most of them into quarterly summaries some time ago), but the rest has changed. In the early years most of my posts were short. more personal and not too technical. Lately, most of my posts are quite technical, long, and non-personal.

For the last 1.5 years or so, I have an alternative outlet for the shorter, more personal posts - my Google+ account. I'm pretty happy from what I get from G+, both for producing and consuming content. Producing is very easy from various kinds of devices, without arbitrary twitter-like restrictions, and it's reasonably easy to search my old posts (which is very important for me). Consuming is also quite nice because G+ turned out to be a popular outlet for people who share my interests, and many of the programmers I follow post updates on G+ from time to time.

So if you think I've become a robot producing technical articles, and want to see some more casual "hey I spilled coffee on my laptop" posts or random rants, check out my Google+ page.