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The spam defense I've erected over a year ago begins to crack. Recently I'm receiving 2-3 spam comments a day, but this is not you usual spam, because I don't think it can be blocked at all. First, I have suspicions that this is "sweatshop spam" - actual people who write spam comments for fractions of cents. Had this been automatic / script spam, I would imagine hundreds of messages breaking through and not mere units. Second, these spammers are very sneaky. They don't place a message full of CAPITALS advertising viagra and penis enlargement, but rather post a simple "Nice post" message with the author's name linking to a website. On many occasions I get "Great book" comments on my book reviews. It takes me a while to realize which is spam and which isn't (usually by the name or contents of the site the post links to), so this probably can't be done automatically. Had anyone else experience such spam attacks ? The inability to defend against them is not very encouraging.