So, after several months of distributed effort I completed the 3 first chapters of SICP, and reached chapter 4.

Curiously, my goal in this endeavor was to reach chapter 4, because I really wanted to play with the meta-circular evaluator developed there. But after looking at the code and the exercises for some time, I realized I'll be much better equipped to tackle chapter 4 after having studied the material of the previous chapters. So, now I'm ready !

I'm actually quite proud of my progress with SICP. I learned a lot, and diligently solved the vast majority of the exercises. Of the 240 exercises of the first 3 chapters, I missed just 3 or 4, and even that because I simply found them uninteresting and repeating. I must salute the authors of SICP, however, for the general quality of their writing and their exercises in particular. Most exercises are excellent and serve as an invaluable tool in actually understanding the points the book tries to teach.

So, meta-circular evaluator, here I come !