Yesterday we shelled out 1720 NIS ($431 by today's rate) on a new 22" wide-screen LCD monitor for our PC - LG L226WTQ. This thing is huge !! Its recommended and maximal resolution is 1680x1050, which is an aspect ratio of 16:10. The monitor itself is advertised to be 16:9, but this setup works very well - the picture is crisp and well-contrasted. I couldn't resist taking a recursive photo of our main working desk with this monitor on it: You really have to sit in front of it to appreciate the size. It is quite hard to use fully for simple tasks like surfing the web - I just open a small Firefox somewhere in the middle. However, there are things it's great for. Watching movies, for example - it is a well sized TV when watched comfortably from quite afar. Another thing I really wanted it for is double-window work, such as programming (I usually have two editor windows tiled vertically, or one editor window and one with documentation / web for examples and googling). This monitor can easily play the role of a dual-monitor setup. Here, judge by yourself: