I wanted to add the Textile plugin to my Wordpress installation. Since it demanded Wordpress 2.0.2 or older and I had 2.0.1, I decided to upgrade to the latest Wordpress version available: 2.2 The upgrade process as described here went smoothly and I had the new version running in less than 10 minutes. At first sight it looks pretty much the same. One nice new feature I noticed is automatic saving of posts, while I'm writing (akin to GMail). It saves the post automatically every two minutes or so, which is very useful. On the other hand, the "Preview" frame at the bottom of the posting page has disappeared. Apparently the Wordpress team thought it slows down the posting or something. But it was so useful !! So, to bring it back I did some Googling and quickly came upon this article. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Textile plugin to work yet - it screws up my posts when I activate it.