• As I was advised in my rant about Adobe Acrobat's slowness the other way, I went and downloaded the Acrobat Reader 7. Man, that's an improvement !! I guess Adobe shook their development team well about the performance of the reader. It's much, much better now, and some annoying bugs from 6 are fixed as well. Here is a good set of tips on how to improve its performance and make it work from inside the browser in a saner way.
  • Wikipedia rocks. It's such a wonderful resource ! I wonder if it's the most complete encyclopedia out there... I'm pretty sure that about anything modern, like technology, it is. Maybe other encyclopedias know more types of african butterflies, but that's not my cup of tea anyhow :-)
  • I start dealing with Ethernet at work. We should build a switch card with very specific requirements for our system. So now I'm trying to remember my networking course from Uni, printing out stuff from the internet (Wikipedia, yay !), etc. Never done such a thing before. Now I'll understand better how LANs work (though our task is at a much deeper level).


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