We have an internal language here... Its purpose is to describe verification environments (looks somewhat like Verilog).

Anyway, one kind soul developed an Xemacs mode for this language a few years ago, for internal use. Since then it was decided that "why not" and the mode was distributed to users. Here the troubles begin.

The language changed - many keywords were added, some were deleted, etc. People got used to the Xemacs mode, so someone had to fix it (the person who originally wrote it left). I volunteered because I know a little about Emacs Lisp. Turns out this volunteering has been a mistake.

I'm being constantly harassed by users with "fix me this, add me that" requests. Argh. Now, one user moved from one Xemacs to another and some things stopped working, so she's nagging to my project leader that she wants it fixed ASAP.

Optimism: maybe I'll use this as an opportunity to learn Emacs Lisp better - I even found some good tutorials online. In a recent discussion I complained that I don't get to code Lisp, so Emacs Lisp may be a step in the right direction...

Trying to always look at the bright side :-)