I go through these peculiar phases in reading - sometimes I get a little tired of it, and have little motivation to read. After a week or two it passes and I go back to my usual pace of reading.

These days, I'm going through a rather long phase, which stems, I think, from my need-for-vacation (TM). It's more than two weeks already that I don't have a good motivation to read enough, and it sucks.

The sure sign of a "phase" is that I accumulate too many books reading in parallel. The normal for me is about 4, but now it's much, much more than that. At the moment, I'm reading the following books (not just skimming through, really reading, in most I'm past the half already):

  • TAOCP Volume 1 (English)
  • Stock Market for beginners (Hebrew)
  • Something about love (Russian)
  • Anna Karenina (Russian)
  • Moby Dick (English)
  • Mathematical recreations (English)
  • Man & woman, intimate relations (Russian)
  • Patterns of software (English)
  • Lola (Spanish)

Phew !!

After my vacation is Spain (we fly in about 48 hours, weeheeee !) I will hopefully regain my reading momentum, and book reviews will start flowing.