Summary of reading: May – June 2010

July 8th, 2010 at 7:33 pm

Recently writing a full review for each and every book I read has become tiresome, so I’m changing the approach. Once in a few months I’m going to post the list of books I’ve read and re-read in that period, with very short reviews (up to a few sentences). Certain books may encourage me to write fuller reviews, which I’ll just do in the usual manner.

So, for May – June 2010 the list is:

  • "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser – A good book on improving one’s writing skills.
  • "Burning Bright" by John Steinbeck – An unusual short story structured as a play. Quick and fun to read.
  • "The Solitude of Prime Numbers" by Paolo Giordano (read in Spanish) – a sad story, beautifully written. Though rough-edged in some places, this book was very enjoyable.
  • "Sweet Thursday" by John Steinbeck – Sequel to "Cannery Row". Though somewhat less original, it’s still fun to read.

Re-reads (books I’ve already read in the past, and have recently re-read):

  • “Programming Pearls” by Jon Bentley
  • “The Moral Animal” by Robert Wright

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7 Responses to “Summary of reading: May – June 2010”

  1. dmitryNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi, Eli! Do you read a paper books or ebooks on some reader?

  2. elibenNo Gravatar Says:


    Paper books mostly. From time to time I read an ebook, usually in Spanish from my old Palm Tungsten PDA. It’s convenient since I have a built-in Spanish-English dictionary which can be activated with tapping on a word, thus allowing me to translate unknown words very quickly.

  3. jdxywNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Eli

    Have you ever read the book “How to Lie with Statistics”? How do you think about it?

  4. elibenNo Gravatar Says:


    Nope, I didn’t read it yet. Do you recommend it?

  5. jdxywNo Gravatar Says:

    I didn’t read it also. But I got some positive comment about it.

  6. José HernándezNo Gravatar Says:

    I recently read a translation of Orwell In Spain in Spanish called Orwell En España, which I’d highly recommend. It includes Hommage to Catalonia (La Homenaje a la Cataluñía) and all the articles he wrote vis-à-vis the Spanish Civil War. It’s a powerful book, and the language is very straightforward.

  7. elibenNo Gravatar Says:


    Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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