Inspiring talk on programming by Damien Katz

June 29th, 2009 at 7:14 pm

Damien Katz is the creator of the CouchDB project.

Today I watched a great, inspirational video by him – CouchDB and Me. I recommend it to anyone who really loves programming. There are quite a few points in the talk you’ll be able to connect with.

If you can recommend any other inspirational talks about programming, I’m all ears!

And while we’re talking about Damien Katz – here’s a very good and once popular blog post he’s written – Formula Engine Rewrite. His whole experience of working with a complex, buggy and undocumented system strikes a cord with me and brings up lots of memories from my (ugh) IBM job.

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One Response to “Inspiring talk on programming by Damien Katz”

  1. ripper234No Gravatar Says:

    I second that, it’s an interesting an unconventional talk.

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