Archives for 2022

2022.09.17: Basic Go tooling for generics
2022.09.12: Derivative of the Exponential Function
2022.09.05: Sudoku, Go and WebAssembly
2022.09.03: Parent links in Go ASTs
2022.08.06: Error handling with Go tooling
2022.07.14: How I went about learning Rust
2022.07.11: Book review: "Crafting Interpreters" by Robert Nystrom
2022.07.09: Exploring function parameter types with Go tooling
2022.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2022
2022.06.20: Why is it easy to implement a Lisp?
2022.06.11: The Y combinator in Go with generics
2022.06.06: Performance of coroutine-style lexers in Go
2022.05.30: Rewriting the lexer benchmark in Rust
2022.05.03: A faster lexer in Go
2022.04.02: Faster sorting with Go generics
2022.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2022
2022.03.28: Interface method calls with the Go register ABI
2022.03.19: Why coding interviews aren't all that bad
2022.03.12: Some clues to understanding Benford's law
2022.02.12: File-driven testing in Go
2022.02.05: Building binary trees from inorder-depth lists
2022.01.29: Rust extension traits, greppability and IDEs
2022.01.22: Asimov, programming and the meta ladder
2022.01.17: In defense of books