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After receiving a "critical" security notice to upgrade my Wordpress installation to version 3.4.1, I've followed the auto-upgrade routine and have been having serious problems with the blog ever since. Sigh, this is not the first time a WP upgrade helps me spend hours of "recreational time" fixing it.

First, the main page of the blog stopped showing anything. It would not work with any theme, even after disabling all plugins. Eventually I resorted to using a workaround, by creating a page template that lists the latest posts manually, and configuring WP to show this page instead of "recent posts". This seems to kind-of work.

Next, it appears that the RSS feed of the blog started malfunctioning. Some readers (like Safari or Google Reader) seem to understand it, but some (like Firefox) don't, which causes problems for some readers who follow the blog via RSS. I haven't solved this problem yet, and will be working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Update (6 PM): I think the RSS problem is fixed now. The RSS feed XML file was getting an extra newline in the beginning which confuses some parsers. This is a result of my tinkering in the WP header generation files while trying to debug the first problem. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the feed now.