Tags Python
As I wrote in the last post, I found matplotlib to be a very nice library for plotting. So, considering that I really plan to use it for my Python programs at work, I've spent a little time to write some proof-of-concept code (I do this often when learning a new library. Nothing serves as a better reference than your own code). The first demo I wrote displays a bar plot, allowing the user to change the data shown on it in real-time, as well as using the matplotlib navigation toolbar and saving the plot to a file. Additionally, it allows some basic interaction with the plot (clicking on a bar brings up a message box) and playing with the plot's properties like the grid and the width of the bars. You can download this demo from here. The second demo is rather more sophisticated. It explores the dynamic abilities of matplotlib, which allows smooth and flicker-less animation. This demo features a "live" graph that runs continuously (unless the user asks it to pause). The user can explore the graph by selecting limits for the X and Y axes, and select whether he wants to see the grid and the X axis labels. It can be downloaded from here.