• Found a news-note about a pneumatic air-driven elevator. Looks like a great idea, really. It seems so simple, hence the geniality. If I think of an elevator these days - it's a mess of cords, weights, steel rods and engines. The pneumatic elevator looks like a toy in comparison, but it works ! A nice solution for people's homes.
  • Speaking of sucked-in air... Our vacuum cleaner died, and trying to show I'm worth my EE degree, armed with a small multi-meter, a few screwdrivers, a rubber hand-glove and a flashlight I disassembled it to "debug" the problem. I managed to bring the engine to life for a few seconds, twice (by doing a "vacuum-cleaner CPR") but it seems burned and not wanting to function... Ah, so we have to buy a new one.
  • I have books flowing to me from many sources now - yay ! A few unread books on the shelf, a few in my Palm, two coming from Russia, two from a friend in Canada, two from O'Reilly for a review. Happy happy...


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