The "Lord of the Dance" show came for a touring week to the holy-land, and we went to see it yesterday (expensive !!!).

It's GREAT ! A truly magnificent experience. Whether you like Irish music or not, it's hard not to enjoy the show. When they step-dance to a music with a fast pace, you just get hypnotized, your eyes and ears glued to the stage, hoping it won't end. But it ends. My only dissapointment with the show, by the way, is that it's too short (only 1.5 hrs, or so).

When we were in Spain, we saw a Flamenco show. There was a guy there who moved his feet way faster (in step-dancing) than the Lord of the Dance dancers, but the coordination of the latter, the ability of 20+ people to create complex rhytm just with their feet, is no less than flabbergasting.