pycparser – call for testing before release

July 30th, 2013 at 9:38 pm

The previous release of pycparser was 7 months ago, and it’s time for another one. In addition to the usual collection of small fixes, this time there’s actually a major feature to try out.

I finally caved in and accepted a patch that makes pycparser somewhat more resilient to a number of ugly context sensitivity artifacts of C. As expected, this made the code more complex and harder to understand (and punched a few additional holes through the leaky Yacc abstraction), but practicality beats purity – pycparser is now expected to accept more corner cases and correctly parse more code. I guess I should blog about the technical details a bit. Some day…

If you’re using pycparser or have used it in the past, I’d appreciate some help exercising it before I push the new release. If you find anything fishy, please open an issue.

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