This blog is taking a short break

August 26th, 2012 at 7:02 am

I haven’t really had a vacation since my daughter was born almost two years ago. Well, now we’ll be taking a big one :-)

In the next three weeks or so I’ll be on a vacation. Afterwards, due to moving the family 12,000 km westwards and starting a new job (Googleplex, here I come), I expect an additional downtime of at least a month or two, especially for the more in-depth articles in the blog.

But worry not, it will be back.

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12 Responses to “This blog is taking a short break”

  1. Adam MatanNo Gravatar Says:

    Best of luck with the relocation!

  2. ripper234No Gravatar Says:

    Enjoy your trip and relocation!

  3. RobNo Gravatar Says:


  4. Ram RachumNo Gravatar Says:

    Congrats Eli!

  5. DhilipSivaNo Gravatar Says:

    Happy journey!!!

  6. Rory YorkeNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for all the work on pycparser, and for the llvm and clang articles.

    Enjoy the break, and congratulations on the new job.

  7. MarcONo Gravatar Says:

    That is great news.
    Congratulations for the googling thing!

  8. AbelNo Gravatar Says:

    Congrats Eli!!! Welcome to the West Side :)

  9. YonyNo Gravatar Says:

    Congrats on your new position. I made the move from Haifa to California 18 years ago and its been great (albeit challenging). Hope all goes well for you and your family.

  10. Bean_leeNo Gravatar Says:

    enjoy your journey. congratulations on your new jobs . Envy you!

  11. ShanjiNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks for the excellent articles !

    congratulations !

  12. Mua Nhà Giá RẻNo Gravatar Says:

    how about your new job now ^^~ hope that it’s intersting

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