The blog hasn't been abundant with content lately, as you've surely noticed. I've got two reasons (excuses?) for this. The first is the new management position, which has immediate negative effects:
  • I have fewer technical challenges at work to think about, and I'm not quite in the condition for writing management articles yet.
  • I work more, so I have fewer free time at home, and when I do get back home I'm to tired and don't have energy for serious hacking.

The second is much more prosaic, but no less serious:

I've installed Warcraft III and in the past 2.5 weeks spent most of my free time playing it. When I was a kid these games seemed too short, but now it feels longer (maybe they did make this one longer, though). Today I've finally finished the whole single-player campaign after defeating Archimonde with the night-elves (and you thought real life is exciting!)

My biggest challenge now is to prevent myself from getting the expansion or engaging in online gaming... If I succeed, this blog just may get back to life again :-)