It will undoubtedly come as a surprise for many people who know me, as it's still a bit surprising to me... At work I was recently promoted to a senior management position, with 40 people under my lead.

Now I'm in that psychological state where my brain tries to find any justification it can for this decision and feel good with it. So I'll just say that the best thing about management, IMHO, is that your abilities are leveraged by a large factor. Especially at our group, where we have several projects running along in parallel, this gives me the ability to contribute to them all. Less personally, but still in a significant way.

My biggest challenge, as I see it, is going to be finding the right balance between pure management and still having some time for technical work (design, programming, and so on). This is very important to me, and the degree of success I'll have at the new position strongly depends on it.