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I usually drink just one cup of coffee a day - after lunch. If I don't have my after-lunch coffee, I'm pretty useless between about 13:30 and 15:30 (with the coffee I'm only half useless at these hours).

That's fine, but from time to time coffee addiction starts overcoming me and I begin drinking more than one cup. It usually starts very slowly - I begin feeling tired even before lunch, or one cup after lunch becomes not enough. So I raise it to two cups. Here the deterioration happens quickly and after a couple of weeks I feel that two isn't enough. This is the point at which I usually decide to stop.

Yes, this is the breaking point. I don't give in to the addiction, but rather stop drinking coffee altogether. There's just no physiological reason for a healthy person who eats correctly and gets enough sleep to become tired and ineffective during the day (except for, perhaps, a short period of time after lunch). This is caffeine addiction speaking.

Stopping with coffee is difficult. Especially the first couple of days - when I'm not too productive, to use an understatement. But after the initial couple of days I'm usually back at normal production levels, without coffee.

These days, I'm in this in-between period.

I wish this would last, but after some time without coffee at all, I eventually get back to one cup per day. It's usually triggered by some too-short night sleep, or something important I should stay focused for even though I'm tired.

This is my coffee drinking cycle. It's somewhat yearly, with the vast majority of the time spent drinking one cup, about 10-15% without coffee at all, and about 2-3% with more than one cup.