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Since our truce with Gaza began, they've been shooting almost incessantly. A rocket here, a mortar there. Not much, very low quantity - just to make sure the West doesn't pay any attention to it. And indeed, nothing in the world news. For example, tonight this rocket fell just nearby Ashkelon:

Now, Ashkelon is a 100,000 people city on the south of Israel. True, only one rocket a day is shot, not 40, but imagine living like that - constantly waiting for sirens to start blowing and a thing like that to fall in your back yard.

And lo and behold, no word about this rocket on CNN, and finding something on news.google.com is also extremely hard. Does this seem like an objective, fair coverage to you? If Israel dares to respond to this rocket, even by shooting a single artillery shell to the sources of its launch, the western press will immediately fill with 100s of derogatory articles. And Hamas is smart. They're perfectly aware of this, and use it fully. This way they can make our lives a living hell almost without punishment, and with the whole world thinking of them as poor sheep being slaughtered by the evil Israelis. This is just crazy, if you ask me.


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