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Fire was finally ceased in Gaza this week, but many Israelis quite rightly feel it's not the end yet. This was just another "round" of this conflict, and other rounds will come. This is the sad and unfortunate reality of our region, and it's very difficult to solve. The current "solution", like countless others before, is just a temporary break, because the core issues once again weren't addressed. In any conflict attention is inevitably drawn to the "burning issues of the day", and sometimes the true, core reasons are forgotten. Viewed from up-close, the recent escalation is quite simple to explain: For a couple of years now, Israel had no presence whatsoever, military or civilian, in Gaza. Hamas, the organization ruling Gaza, still fired rockets at Israeli cities. Why did they do it? Well, according to them, because of the Israeli "blockade" of Gaza at sea, air and land. This refers to the fact that Israel insisted (and will insist in the foreseeable future, for the same reasons) to carefully scrutinize all the goods entering Gaza, in order to locate concealed weapons sent from Iran and other terror-supporting nations. Israel just can't allow these weapons to reach Gaza, because just like the rockets fired in this conflict, eventually they will be used against Israeli civilian population. The Palestinians in Gaza, on the other hand, can't allow Israel to scrutinize their goods. After all, they have to protect themselves against Israeli "aggression" (which only comes in response to their attacks...) So what do we have here? Israel, to defend itself, must not allow weapons to reach Gaza. Gaza, to defend itself, must continue to sneak in weapons in any way possible. The current "solution" proposed by the Europeans is to limit the entry of weapons into Gaza by means of an international force. This isn't good for Gaza, since they won't be able to get weapons easily, and it isn't good for Israel, because pure reason and past experience shows that these international forces are much less inclined to thoroughly do their job than the Israeli army. After all, it's just a job for them, and for Israel it's a means of survival. So once again the core issues have not been addressed. So, once again, this is a temporary truce that will escalate to another conflict sooner or later. And the core issue here is simple too. It's the most basic and eternal reason for conflict - land. The Palestinians would really like Israel to cease existing, and the other way around. Most our neighbors in this region don't even acknowledge Israel as a sovereign state and don't think it has a "right to exist". Well, it's a bit more complicated than this. Gaza, like south Lebanon, is also a great breeding ground for terrorism, where Iran and Syria can covertly oppose Israel and the West, without direct intervention. The suffering of the Palestinian people is kept as a powerful hatred-sustaining fact for the totalitarian countries of this region to keep their populations in check (did you read 1984? It's all written there...) So until the core issues are addressed and some kind of a permanent, global solution is reached, all we have to do is just wait for the next flare of the conflict and try to live safely through it.


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