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Opinions are very confusing and subjective, by definition. Opinions are especially confusing and subjectives when there's a great disagreement between two parties. Therefore, to form an opinion of your own, I warmly recommend to try and stick to the facts. Facts are objective. Facts obtained from several independent sources can be usually believed. The facts of operation "Cast Lead" are simple. The Gaza strip is geographically isolated, there isn't a single Israeli troop in it - it's governed by Hamas (which is listed as a terrorist organization by the US, Canada, European Union and Japan) and is, in a sense, a semi-independent autonomy. So why, can one ask, do they fire rockets and mortars on Israeli civilian towns near Gaza ? Can anyone provide a viable explanation for this fact ? Israel's trying to defend itself with this operation. I'm sure, nay, certain that any sovereign state in our situation would do the same. The Israeli air force is actively attacking Hamas's military and governmental targets throughout Gaza. Yes, there are many casualties, but few of them are civilians. Therefore, think twice when you see a photo in the paper showing an injured child with a title "hundreds dead in Gaza". This is a subjective view, not facts. The facts are that most casualties are Hamas soldiers, and only some are collateral damage - civilians. And we're sorry for killing them, we'd prefer not to, but in war there is no choice. We can't spare them if the cost is our own casualties. So before you automatically tag Israelis as animals for "mercilessly killing hundreds of children without cause", think again. Try to find the facts and ignore the subjective opinions.


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