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There's an interesting article here (ynet.co.il, Hebrew) about the subject. Here's a headline-level translation (the article itself gets deeper on each point):
  • The ZIP compression method (used in ZIP compression, 7z, GIF, PDF and other formats): based on the LZ algorithm by two Israeli researchers: Abraham Lempel and Yaakov Ziv
  • The first VoIP application was developed by an Israeli company (VocalTec) in 1994. It was named... iPhone. The company didn't succeed to lift, but many others benefited from its technological breakthroughs.
  • Disk On Key - the small USB-flash storage drive, was invented by M-Systems, an Israeli company founded by Dov Moran. M-Systems was purchased by Sandisk (also an Israeli company, by the way)
  • Babylon - translate in a click. The pioneer of this technology, in 1997.
  • PHP - the popular server-side programming language was developed by two Israelis.
  • ICQ - the first of the hyper-popular instant-messaging application, was developed by Mirabilis, an Israeli start-up which was later purchased by AOL.
  • MetaCafe - a popular video-sharing website website that was developed by an Israeli in 2003, long before YouTube.
  • Haifa's Intel development center, has large parts in the development of MMX, Pentium 2, and lately the huge success of the Centrino mobile platform. The Haifa center is currently Intel's main CPU development house, and most of the currently popular chips (including Core 2) were designed there.
  • The term FireWall was coined by an Israeli internet security company - the giant CheckPoint, with their corporate security solution in 1994. Home users are probably more familiar with its ZoneAlarm product.
  • The RSA encryption algorithm, which is used almost universally for public-key encryption these days is one-third Israeli, the 'S' coming from the surname of Adi Shamir, an Israeli cryptography researcher.
  • Israeli companies have strong contributions to early anti-virus technology. In fact, one of the earliest anti-virus products (in 1988!) was made by the Israeli company BRM, which was purchased by Symantec.
I skipped one or two that didn't seem important enough. If you have some other things in mind, let me know and I will update the list.


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