PDF is a great file format, but many people seem to hate it. Why is that ? No, really, PDF is terrific - it's truly portable - read the same document on your win xp box, your linux box, your Palm OS. It renders nicely on the screen, includes graphics, etc. What isn't so good, however, is the software running/creating PDFs. Adobe Acrobat is a memory-bloated kludge that becomes worse with each new version. Its cousin, Acrobat for Palm OS doesn't fall far from the tree (for instance, even when not converting files it takes 100% CPU, just for the kicks). The horrors of Framemaker are too terrible to describe to people who haven't used it - run away ! now ! In short, we have a good idea: a portable file format, with a bad implementation - Adobe's readers/writers. Is there a place for a rival product ? Open Source ? Or is PDF too tightly copyrighted ?