Found this cute checklist online (my comments below each one):

Hackers don't like television

Damn right. Well, except for a soccer game, here'n'there.

Hackers don't like character based menu interfaces

Especially the ones without a "back" option. But hey, GUIs haven't always been here.

Don't use tobacco


Only use alcohol in moderation if at all


Are only weakly motivated by money and social approval.

"Weakly" is a broad term, so I fit. I do realize the importance of financial stability, though.

Are monumentally disorganized and sloppy about dealing with the physical world (don't pay bills on time, don't clean and so on)

Nope. And I don't think this should come together. I do like a clean environment, it's better for concentration (and for health !)

Are more likely to have cats than dogs

I have both, a cat at my parents' and a dog where I live. Can't say which is better, love 'em both. But there's something very special in cats that I just admire (hey, my desktop image at work is my cat :-)

Have horrible handwriting