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I've read the proposal paper on Perl certifications yesterday... My opinion on this is quite extreme (it tends to be like this from time to time), so the faint hearted should look away :-)

To me, the whole paper by this Tim dude read a lot like a self advertisement. I was actually expecting him to propose himself in the end to run the thing, and I wasn't wrong. It's clearly a huge revenue for a Perl training company (which he seems to run or be a part of), and that's all I see to this article.

It's a known fact that these certifications are usually biased scam. I won't ever hire someone by certifications only, without an interview. If I'll want to see that the person knows Perl, I'll ask him a few Perl questions. If he won't answer satisfactorily, I won't ever be inclined to take him cause he's "certified", and the opposite is true. I'll happily hire a developer w/o a certification, who answered my questions well.

So, for whom are these certifications good, except the "certifying" training houses ? Certifications are quite useless, IMHO. Whatever he said about avoiding cheating, it won't be possible. And if it will be, it will cost a lot (to the people taking them) and benefit the trainers greatly. Moreover, the more people will take them, the more useless they become, and the more money the company offering them earns.

Uh... time out.