The ongoing competition of Kasparov against X3D Fritz in New York is ridiculous, IMHO. Kasparov played the Israeli "Deep Junior" earlier this year because that program was the AI-world-championship. What right has X3D Fritz owned to play against Kasparov ?

A marketing trick, that's the reason. This Fritz is "3D" (cool, huh ? no, really, the apex of the chess world, a 3D virtual-reality program, way to go - that's what chess is about, 3D graphics !!!), which makes it only harder for Kasparov to concentrate (and he has to give orders verbally, hmm...). I personally would prefer a normal wooden board, and not some flashy virtual reality fraud, and surely Kasparov would too, but sponsoring another "normal" match is not interesting enough.

Pfft.... /angry/