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Today (actually it started on yesterday's eve) is Yom Kippur - the "day of atonement" of Jews. The Jewish religion doesn't have the habit of going to church and telling a "father" about your sins. It has, however, one day in the year, Yom Kippur when you're supposed to ask forgiveness from all the people you hurt and from god. This day is like Shabbat (no working, no driving, no TV etc.), plus it's a fast (no eating, no drinking).

All of the above is, of course, religious rubbish, but it results in a few nice traditions. For instance, no one, NO ONE, drives on Yom Kippur. It's customary to go on walks on the roads, and children finally get the biking-day of their dreams - they have all the roads, empty for them. Once in a few hours there's a car, but it usually drives slowly and carefully (nostalgia from my childhood...). It's really quiet, a day you can spend for a true rest - sleep, read, etc.

My better half fasts, so I'm not eating as well (out of solidarity), although I refuse not to drik and try to convice her as well that it's not good for health - so far with no success.

So far our Yom Kippur is spent in sleeping, reading, surfing the net and going for walks (we went really far last night, a few good kilometers at least). Today should be about the same, and then we go to her parents for an "after fast" dinner. I waited for this holiday for some time, as it really gives me a chance for a good rest, which I need badly.


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