As was expected, a week after we connected to fast ADSL and started using Kazaa (Kazaa-Lite++ actually), we went to buy a new hard-disk (filling 15 GB with movies and music in 6 days is respectable, isn't it ?).

Maxtor: 120 GB - a big dude, eh ? He joined my current 30 GB IBM DTLA, I hope they will become friends quickly.

To my horror, I didn't remember how to install a new HD ! Windows (XP Pro) found it, but it didn't appear in the drives list. Hail Google groups ! In 5 minutes, I was already playing with "Disk management" to create a new partition and register it as a drive. Drive letter: "X" (why keep going with the boring C,D,E,F...), label "big X". Welcome to our PC !

I wonder how soon it will be filled, heheh...

A nostalgic note: my first HD was a 40 MB WD Caviar. Big X is 3000 times larger. Absolutely cool.