About me


I’ve been developing software for the past 15 years. During this time I’ve tackled a number of different problem domains and wrote a lot of code in many programming languages.

My formal education is in Electrical Engineering (earned a B.Sc. EE from the Technion in 2003) and I also worked as a hardware engineer, developing FPGAs in VHDL, as well as doing some board design and system-level hardware & software co-design.

In addition, I’ve led several engineering teams and managed a large development group for some time. Now I’m back in a technical role doing what I love most – writing code.

I’m passionate about programming and spend a considerable amount of time doing it outside of work as well. In addition to contributing to Python as a core developer, there are regularly a couple of pet-projects and articles about programming I’m hacking on. I’m a system programmer at heart and mostly spend my “hobby programming” time tinkering with stuff like compilers, assemblers, linkers, simulators and virtual machines.

My favorite programming languages are Python and C. I’m also proficient in C++, and have various levels of familiarity with Perl, Java, Ruby, Javascript, Common Lisp, Scheme, Ada and a few assembly languages.

If you’re interested in more details, drop me a line and I can email my résumé.


I’m a 33-year-old guy, living in California with my wife and two children. We’re originally from Haifa, Israel.

When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I like to improve my programming skills, exercise, read good books and learn foreign languages.

I’m fluent in Hebrew, Russian and English, and speak passable Spanish (though my reading comprehension is much better – I can read books and the internet almost freely). I’m also trying to learn Arabic (so far the spoken Levantine dialect).

Online presence

Being the geek I am, my online interests mainly revolve around programming, electronics and technology in general. You can find me consuming and producing content on Stack Overflow and Hacker News. I have a Google+ account, and am always happy to correspond by email.


My email address is eliben@gmail.com